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A Robins Visit

Seen you on a windowsill, seen your eyes so clear,

Perched there looking all round and never showing fear.

Think your here to comfort but you never stay too long.

Thinking now and missing you, now your simply gone.

See you there and know your there, you never left my side

you'll come to me and state your say, and never ever hide,

Your moving now your coming close, just open up your heart,

Knew you never left me here, we'll never be apart.

Why won't you say you'll be with me, You need to say right now

When we were young you promised me, you made a solemn vow

You held on tight, protected me and said you'd never go,

You told me you'd be there for me when I was feeling low.

I'm standing here, still waiting for a sign to show me why,

You left at such an early stage but never said goodbye.

These pieces are too heavy, they can never by picked up,

Sorry, just the other day I smashed your favorite cup.

You can come back, I know you can, I feel your here today

You can come back, you were so strong, I know you'll find a way.

Won't me mad, won't say a word for why you left so soon

The Spring is nearly over now. You'll be in time for June.

Make me feel alive again, need strength to carry on.

Feeling very lonely here, my everything has gone.

I dare to move and startle you, I dare to shed a tear.

You stand there never looking in, I wonder if you care.

The other day I spoke to you, I thought that you were here

I felt so sick, I felt so sad, I needed you to care

I thought that I could go to you and maybe end it all

Just then I turned to close the door and saw you on a wall.

I know you'd never leave me, if you really had the choice,

an angel was required with the rolling of a dice.

Tell me you will call again, that you'll be back this way

Tell me you will call again and maybe this time stay.

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