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A colourful impressionistic contemporary forest painting.

This is acrylic on linen panel. A contemporary abstract impressionistic painting by Irish artist Chris Quinlan. Part of the 2020 collection. An atmospheric autumnal tree painting with strolling couple and sunset. Painted 2020.

Time To Time

  • Edition: Original piece - signed by artist Chris Quinlan
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas
  • Size: 18" × 18" ‐ 90 × 90cm.
  • Shipping: Free
  • Certificate of Authenticity: provided
  • Frame: White tray style wood frame handmade by Chris. 
About Chris Quinlan's Painting Style

Over many years Chris has developed his own unique style and technique. His love of impressionism combined with texture has gradually manifested itself into  the work you can see today. This style is very popular and the texture is attractive in its almost three dimension form.

The style borders on chromo-illumnarism  or divisionism where separate or complementary colours are placed beside each other to give a new effect usually more obvious when viewed from a distance.

Chris hopes his style will continue to draw attract viewers and will continue to represent him as a very unique and original artist