Summer Sailout, an impressionism abstract painting by Irish artist palette knife artist Chris Quinlan. A textured oil painting with colorful strokes of paint and is an original an unique style.  


A series of impressionism landscape paintings, in oils and acrylics. Chris uses his signature style as seen in the impressionistic landscape image above, with its texture, colors and abstraction. Although very time consuming, he finds this style of impressionism highly relaxing and enjoyable and cherishes the unique style and technique he established and nurtured since 1999.


Chris' original ideas and creations are referenced from the memories of life and childhood. He then places each stroke lovingly and spontaneously onto the canvas using a palette Knife. The impressionism painting is initially roughly sketched using paint then generally blocked in before the final layers. His final effect is achieved by layering his paint strokes capturing light and colour.


Summer Sailout


Canvas size: 50 x 40cm

Frame size: 65 x 55cm

Oil on canvas

Signed original Chris Quinlan artwork

Unauthorized use of images and material is strictly prohibited without the permission of Chris Quinlan.